About us

MDA Agrimechateq is established under the Consortium of EU Agricultural Technologies and equipment development and manufacturing Companies. MDACI Agrimechateq’s primary mission is the development of agricultural mechanization, laying emphasis on West and Sub-Saharan African states.

We, at MDA Agrimechateq, a unique EU-African Company, put first the business requirements of African Farmers, identify accurately their needs and supply satisfactory the most advanced and modern technologies, equipment and technical services at low cost for soil preparation, seeding or planting, control of the growth, harvesting and transportation of cereals, fruits, vegetables and animals.

MDA Agrimechateq has its own research & development (R&M) department made of the most experienced EU and African experts, who are permanently working to improve the African agriculture to fully mechanized sector, using the Best Available Techniques (BAT) to meet the international foods quality requirements of Africans at the lowest possible cost and accessible to everyone.

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