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MDA Agrimechateq is established under the Consortium of EU Agricultural Technologies and equipment development and manufacturing Companies. MDACI Agrimechateq’s primary mission is the development of agricultural mechanization, laying emphasis on West and Sub-Saharan African states.

We, at MDA Agrimechateq, a unique EU-African Company, put first the business requirements of African Farmers, identify accurately their needs and supply satisfactory the most advanced and modern technologies, equipment and technical services at low cost for soil preparation, seeding or planting, control of the growth, harvesting and transportation of cereals, fruits, vegetables and animals.

MDA Agrimechateq has its own research & development (R&M) department made of the most experienced EU and African experts, who are permanently working to improve the African agriculture to fully mechanized sector, using the Best Available Techniques (BAT) to meet the international foods quality requirements of Africans at the lowest possible cost and accessible to everyone.

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Please, call our hotline services below and we will get back within 24 hours latest. We are always ready and happy to guide you for achieving maximum success in choosing the best agricultural technologies and equipment for your agricultural business and farming activities: +420 773 988 087.

Our products

Our product range is wide technical and functionally. You will find everything you need for your soil preparation, seeding, harvesting and transporting of your agricultural and farming products. MDA AGRIMECHATEQ agricultural technologies and equipment are design for maintainability and services supported by our experts and engineers at your doorsteps.

Anybody can make a good-quality product for a high price, or a poor-quality product for a low price. But, at MDA AGRIMECHATEQ, we are committed to making high quality products at low costs. For our clients, we always develop new methods that are both cost-efficient and innovative, and in accordance with the clients specific requirements. That is why at MDA AGRIMECHATED, the satisfaction of our clients is primary, which is the basis of a continual, prosperous and sustainable cooperation.


Please, learn more about our valuable partners. They can help you secure a financial support of 85-100% of the Total Purchase Value at 5-10% p.a.

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National Assembly Quarters, Zone E, Block
E10A, S.O. Ogbemudia Crescent, FCT
Abuja, Federal Republic of Nigeria

European Business Office:
Generala Selnera 3256,
Kladno 272 01,
Czech Republic


Mob: +420 773 988 087
Tel: +420 226 002 407
Fax: +420 236 002 408

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